A Different Shade of Beautiful

The Parisian summer was warm and beautiful, and I did get to enjoy it in between my search for a place to live. It's been a bit more than a month now since I moved into my new home; a small, but cosy one room appartment in "le Marais", which is the most popular area for "young and hopefull" people in Paris. Definitely not the worst environement to live in. I was very lucky to get a contract through a small agency that found me trustworthy - being a foreigner looking for an appartment turn out to be slightly more difficult in Paris than in Montpellier. However, as my dad always says, "everything works out fine for nice girls". I love the atmosphere of the small streets, which are filled with typical french restaurants, cheese and fruit shops, not to mention clothing boutiques. Every second person passing on the street is a fashion inspiration and I just want to spend my time reading a book in a caf or discovering new corners of the city, new shops and new bars.

However, after starting university, reality hit me and gave me a taste of a different Paris. Summer turned to fall, and the rain replaced the sun. Starting university was quite a shock (and still can be). First of all, the french university method turned out to be very different from what I'm used to from Norway and Australia. I will be taking seven subjects, all in all 28 hours of classes every week. My first reaction was "how the hell am I going to have time to read and prepare myself?!". First wave of modest panic. Then I understood that in France, the students bring their macbooks to class and then note down everything (and then I mean everything) that the professors are saying and that's supposed to be enough. However, this practice didn't reassure me at all, given that I'm incapable of copying word by word in french. Second wave of panic; almost half of my master consists of law courses. I never ever read a legal text in my life, so the law professors could as well been speaking in chinese and it wouldn't matter. However, giving up has never been an option for me, so I started to get down to business. I begun to note down every legal expression I didn't understand and then search them up on the internet when I came home. Asking descreatly the person next to me in class for explanations also turned out to be very helpfull. An extra bonus is that I have a french friend who studies law that will help me with the basics - thank you Chlo! I guess that's how I'll learn, little by little.

So life in Paris is not only "la vie en rose". Before it always surprised me to see people returning from work by metro at 8pm. Now I'm one of them! But even though Paris is more than caflife, cheese and wine, I have to say that those things were far from the reason why I wanted to move here. I wanted to be close to so many people that I care about. Today I spent the evening with a very good french frend of mine that I met in Oslo 4 years ago and that I've stayed in touch with since then. Now we live a 20 minute walk away from eachother. Not to mention my group of french friends from Australia. They all live in Paris. And last, but not least, my new and challenging life would seem a lot more difficult if it was not for Alexandre. You are always so supporting, even though you also spend tough days at uni. And even though I feel lost sometimes you always make me feel safe. So after all, life is not bad at all. Today it was raining all day long. But I guess it's just a different shade of beautiful.

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15.10.2012 kl.00:02

Lykke til i hst Jeanette :) Dette blir bra!


15.10.2012 kl.07:50

S fint skrevet Jeanette!

Masse lykke til med studiene! Gjr ditt beste, s er det absolutt godt nok!

Og kos deg med kjrligheten og venner! Det er veldig viktig det ogs:-)


15.10.2012 kl.19:32

be strong, dear, I was in the same shoes and I know that You will make it!! I miss You..

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