Flying from the distance

I guess it's not always true what people say, that love hits you in the face when you least expect it. Sometimes it comes flying from the distance like an unknown bird;you have a vague feeling about something beautiful approaching you, yet you can't get yourself to put it into words. It's shape and colours are yet blurry, and it appears like a creature you don't yet trust.

At that point you don't know if it will fly towards you or if it will just be giving you a vague glimps of itself between the clouds.And even though it is heading your way, you're most likely not to be aware of it's true beauty at once. It might seem ordinary and familiar instead of breathtaking.

The fact that it has been flying towards you for a long time might not be obvious, because you've most likely been looking away from time to time.Yet when it arrives, it will change the way you look at the world.Not because of the way it looks, but because of how the melody of it's twittering hits you in the heart and gets trapped within it.

It makes you doubt that you've ever heard real music before, since all other tones suddenly seem fake and without conviction.This particular bird enriches the world around you and makes it shine in a new and brighter light.

Its precence gives you peace of mind and its melodies become vital. Without them, you feel incomplete. Without them, you're starting to doubt the beauty of things around you.You know that this particular bird can't sing for you alone, and yet you're hoping with all your heart that it will save the finest melody for you. That it will choose to fly home to you for rest and comfort.

This particular bird makes you completely powerless, yet stronger than iron. Powerless because you know that you're more depending on it than you would like to be in order to see the true beauty of the world.Stronger than iron because you know that you would do anything you could to protect it.

Yes, sometimes love comes flying from the distance like an unknown bird. You can try to look away, but if its melody is meant for you, it will always find you and colour your world.

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09.07.2012 kl.23:16

h, s vakkert skrevet! Jeg skjnner at du er forelsket! Nyt det;). Jeg er kjempeglad p dine vegne:)


09.07.2012 kl.23:26

Tusen takk Tirida!:) Kjrligheten er fantastisk, men den er jammen ogs smertefull.. Hper vi ses snart!:D


10.07.2012 kl.09:30

Fantastisk! Du er utrolig flink, Jeanette! S koselig at du har funnet kjrligheten og at den har funnet deg:-D


10.07.2012 kl.22:09

Utrolig bra skrevet! Jeg visste at du var flink til aa skrive Jeanette, men ante ikke at du har poetiske evner ogsaa! Goy aa lese, kjenner meg veldig igjen, og veldig, veldig glad paa dine vegne :)

Dette maa du fortsette med!


11.07.2012 kl.00:44

Takk Kathrine, veldig glad for det selv^^ Hper vi ses i Oslo snart, lenge siden!!

Daniel, veldig snilt sagt! Er veldig glad i skrive, og noen ganger m jeg bare sette ord p flelser og tanker rundt viktige ting. S det kommer nok flere innlegg;) Vi m snakkes p skype snart!! Savner deg masse.. :)

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