Travelling through Central Europe!

As I'm writing this I'm more or less isolated at home with my faithful Tiga, on my fifth day of having the flu. I'll give it two more days, can't waste time like this! Besides, it's a mystery how this good climate has effected my health - this is the 4th time I'm having the flu since I arrived in September.. Hm, however, there will again be sunny days, and in the meantime I'll write you guys an update on my travels! I was lucky to be perfectly in shape the whole time while I was travelling through Central Europe, so I'll stop complaining. Here you go!

Prague (6th-9th of April)

What was the greatest thing about Prague? That I was greeted at the airport by my friend Alna, who I met in Australia almost two years ago! Amazing how it feels like when you've stayed in touch with someone that makes a difference to you, and then you're suddently able to create memories together at another side of the world. She showed me that Prague is not only for people in love, as we visited the Easter market, trying local food and absorbing the atmosphere. Although full of tourists, I could sense the charming spirit of the Prague castle and the bridge, slightly overcrowded as they were. I felt so well taken care of, and Alna always made sure that I took enough pictures;) And even though it ended up snowing (..) and I got a fine on the tramway (..) the weekend was spent in a good mood. Thanks to chzech beer, memorizing about Australia, charming streets and a funny language lesson. zasny! (Awesome!)

Vienna (9th-13th of April)

Next cith on my travelling route; Vienna! The best part here was definitely that I met up with my bestfriend Mitra, who was in the area at the same time! What a happy coincident - we ended up having a great night eating schnitzel and having fun at the hostelbar. The place didn't really matter, as long as we could chat, laugh and drink until the early morning. We even made some french friends, right Mitra?? When she left the next day, I was spending a whole day walking around the city half asleep, taking in as much I could of the Austrian culture. Ok, I didn't find it at Starbucks, but a chai tea latte helped my wellbeing. I also met some cool Americans who made the touristy things more enjoyable. We went to the Opera to see a ballet show and had a picnic in the gardens of Schnnbrun Palace. We also made sure the dancefloor in the hostelbar was moving. Thanks for a great time Kevin, Mary and Justin!

Budapest (13th-16th of April)

At this point, my feet were really starting to hurt after all the city sightsing, but I was still excited to see yet two other friends. This time kos and Gbor, two Erasmus students that I met in Oslo one year ago. kos, you were a great host! Even updating me on the national history and of the history of the city. Really profitable, especially when it was combined with Hungarian wine (which I didn't know existed), goulash stew and walks around the city. I also (literaly) reach the highlight of my trip at the hill of the statue of Liberty, having an amazing panorama view over the city at night. It made me speechless. I also got to learn that Hungarians start clubbing at 8pm after having been drinking homemade Palinka (It makes so much sense!). Memorable. Would do it again anytime. Thanks guys, I'll miss you both!

That was definitely 10 enjoyable days - it feels like I've been away much longer. I guess it's good to go a bit further than France once in a while. That can't hurt, even for a francophile like me..^^


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22.04.2012 kl.10:00

S gy oppleve litt nye steder! Kan tenke meg du s mye fint, og at det ligger endel bilder p kameraet;) Hper du snart er p beina igjen, nsker deg masse god bedring ihvertfall!



22.04.2012 kl.14:10

Hei Kathrine!

Ja det ble mange nye opplevelser, og gy utforske nye byer:) Takk for det! Jeg er p beina igjen i morgen tenker jeg, siste dag med avslapping fr det er tilbake p skolebenken i morgen;) Hvordan gr det med deg? Gleder meg til se deg i sommer!!:D


23.04.2012 kl.09:03

Jaaa! det var dif. beste tilfeldigheten!!!! Hadde bare den mest perfekte tiden! :D Glad du fikk sett litt byen dagen etter, tross lite sovn:P Nice prve Opera da!

Hper du virkelig blir frisk snaaart min kjre frankophil, ps: du sprer litt den til meg kjenner jeg, men frankrike er s fin, s jeg skjnner det mer n!;) GOD BEDRING! Love<3

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