"Take a look around before looking ahead"

Time to be a bit nostalgic. From time to time I get these rushes of memories hitting me in the stomac, reminding me of something that once was. Like the summer before I left Norway to move to France. That summer when I was working fulltime, just waiting for the sunny days to pass buy, so that autumn could arrive fast and I could board my flight to Paris. I wanted the days there to go fast too, so that I could take the train to Montpellier and start my new life. Remembering all that very clearly, in one way it seems like last week. Or it could as likely be 2 years ago. Change confuses time, but one thing is for sure; time flies! When I read in a norwegian newspaper here the other day that the studentlife at the University of Oslo was in full bloom encouraged by the lovely (and early) spring weather, it brought me right back. I could almost smell the library and my most vivid memories about the lunch breaks with my best friends. Ha, funny how some things stick better than others. Now when I think back, I spent some pretty awesome moments there, spending everyday life surrounded by my favourite co-students.

Now, after almost 7 months in Montpellier, I started to take things for granted. The tramway, the small and lovely "petites rues" in the city centre, my local grocery shop, the polite way french people talk in and the relaxed southern spirit. Things I do and see everyday have melted into my conscience of normality. Not to mention the people I see every week, my friends and classmates. I've getten so comfortably used to the whole picture. To be honest, I hadn't thought about actually leaving before a friend of mine suddenly burst out ; "hey, you know what? We've only got about two months left here!" And oh dear, he's right. How time really flies. But he kind of put things in perspective, cause what he said made me realise that I don't want to take everything for granted these two last months. I don't want them to be just a transition periode before I turn the page to the next chapter in my life, like I did last summer in Oslo. I'll start valuing small events and random meetings with people more. Because in a bit more than two months it will all be a part of my past. Wow, that sounded very melodramatic, but it's true. So I'll make damn sure that I make the most out of the time I've got left here!

No use in waiting. This Saturday I'm going to Avignon with Alexandre, a beautiful and old city not so far from Montpellier. And next week-end, three good friends of mine are coming visiting!! So excited about that. However, in between going to uni and enjoying these warm days of spring, I also had to continue planning the future. Last weekend I progressed a lot with my research for masters in Paris, and all in all I found three different universities which offer something that interests me. And thanks to Amlie, a good friend of mine, I finished my "dossier" for one of the masters I've chosen to apply for, just in time. The deadline was today! I'm more hopeful now than before, because I have several options in the same city. Can't say anyting else than that I hope the wind blows me north. But not too far;)

Some pictures from a daytrip to Carcassonne from last weekend. Enjoy!

Peaceful sunset from my balcony :)

Have a great weekend everyone,


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16.03.2012 kl.12:32

Jeg har savnet lese bloggen din! Vet at det er fryktelig drlig p min bloggefront, har bare hatt s mye gjre, og det har nok du ogs! Men veldig gy lese om tankene og planene dine ihvertfall! Og skulle du komme inn i Paris, s SKAL jeg (vi) komme p besk, bare s du vet det;) Er litt usikker p om vi rekker det fr sommeren nemlig... Krysser fingrene for at Paris blir din neste hjemby, for det virker jo som det er drmmen din!

Og fine fine bilder, som alltid!



17.03.2012 kl.00:49

Salut Jeanette! Franchement t'as vraiment raison en ce qui concerne la vie et comment tout viens juste une parte de la vie quotidienne, et soudain ca sera fini!

Je vais continuer de suivre ta blogg dans le futur :)



18.03.2012 kl.11:07

Hei Kathrine!! Takk for fin kommentar, som alltid!:) Vet, lenge siden jeg har skrevet n, har ikke hatt den riktige innspirasjonen. Men snt gr litt i blger! Hper kunne lese et nytt innlegg fra deg snart, alltid kos!:) Ja drmmen er i Paris, og om jeg skulle vre s heldig flge den s er dra mi pen for besk!!^^ Begynner jo bli f helger igjen fr eksamen og skoleslutt.. Ha en fin sndag! Klem

Salut Ren!! Je suis vraiment contente que tu aies trouv mon blog! Et aussi que tu es d'accord avec moi;) Il faut profiter ces derniers mois ensemble, comme on a fait chez vous vendredi! C'etait vachement sympa, de faire la cuisine et manger ensemble, dans une grande cuisine!!:P Il faut qu'on le refasse:) Passe un bon dimanche, et on se verra demain! Bisous

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