Some Merry Christmas Reflections..

Another Christmas and another holiday is (soon) over, and this one has left an extra strong impression on me. There is of course something wonderful with indulging to the Christmas spirit every year, maybe because along with it comes a feeling of appreciation. You start to value what you have, and especially the people you are glad to have around you. However, I can't remember to have felt so strongly about this before this year. Cause this year was different; I was home for 1 month, and then I had to go back to my current city, Montpellier. After having experienced another perspective of life, how it can be without those close friends that will back you up whenever it's needed, I've had an incredible holiday in the best company. After having spent the previous months with up's and down's related to different events and challenge, it was just so amazing to come home to all that is stable, real and predictable. I've always valued my friends highly, and being around them again made me feel extremely happy and full of appreciation. Isn't that the best feeling in the world?

I spent my days moving from one caf to another, and doing dinners and gatherings in the evenings. Talking about things that matters with those I know will be there in the future. Loved every second of it, even though I was a bit tired in the end. I guess I was afraid of losing any time, so I was not really seeking any time for myself. Well, I'll fit that in later. Oh and also; the climate was reasonable. We had a perfect amount of snow, and I could still feel my legs when I left the house. Every year I try not to exaggerate my complaining about how minus degrees below 10 makes me grumpy. I also try to hide how ennoying I think it is to see how every second norwegian mean the opposite, sitting on the subway with their new pair of skis. Nah, this year it was ok. After all, they had to wait until january.

But I wont try to look past another reason why I had such a good time. It was also because I was not afraid of leaving again. This time I knew that I had something and someone to come back to in France. And I know that I'm not done with that life yet. I came back yesterday, home to a lovesick cat. Starting to get ready for my second semester with french, and I'm curious of what it will bring along. The one thing I know will be awesome is that two of my french friends from Australia will be living in Montpellier. And honestly, I can't think of a better start!

Wishing you all a good start of the new year, and who knows, maybe this year you'll go after your dream? You decide.


New Year's Eve

Oslo under the snow

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18.01.2012 kl.14:04

Godt hre at du kom deg trygt hjem. Jeanette!

Akkurat n laver snen ned her og gradestokken viser ca -5, s du slapp unna det;)

Hper du fr en godt start p semesteret med franske venner og har det fint mens du nyter det franske livet! klem:)


18.01.2012 kl.20:36

Ja reisen ned igjen gikk overraskende fort, godt vre p plass med katta igjen, hehe. Oj, s det kom mer sn alts:P Her er det skikkelig vrstemning, sola skinner og gradestokken viser rundt 12 grader. Vender seg fort til det;) Men det skal jo vre litt vinterstemning i Oslo da, nyt det ogs! I dag har jeg vrt p visninger med mine franske nykomne venner - kos! Vi snakkes snart da, konsentrer deg om bli frisk!:) Klem


19.01.2012 kl.13:29

S fantastisk at du koste deg masse i Norge- I know the feeling!!!! :) ha det fint s lenge med katten og A. s gleder jeg med til komme til deg og se alt with my eyes:D det blir heftig bra det!

until then, you take care of yourself my love! <3


20.01.2012 kl.12:33

Ja du vet jo akkurat hvordan det fles^^ Takk for det, slangt har det vrt veldig koselig komme tilbake, og enda bedre skal det bli nr DU kommer!:D Vi skypes om det snart. God helg honey<3

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