Nomatter where you are, it's your friends who make your world

Since last time I wrote, I would say that I've reached a turning point of my stay. And I've also gotten to understand much more about myself. To start with, I have to say that even though I might seem to be that kind of girl that moves around without roots or without boundaries (at least that's how I used to see myself), the last month I've realised something. Yes, it's really fulfilling to change my habits and throw myself into new challenging situations, cause that's my way of reminding myself that I'm living and that I'm capable of taking lifechanging desitions if I want to. At first, when I had some troubles with the basic necessity of finding a place to stay in Montpellier, I guess everything else was put on hold. Finding somewhere to live was without doubt a timeconsuming project, which gave me some worries. However, it was after all a materialistic issue.

In the weeks that followed, I was occupied with trying to make some stable friends, friends that I could rely on and not just friends who could get me in a partymood. I realised that since the majority of foreign students down here are looking for an Erasmus experience, they were not at all matching my needs. That's why, some weeks ago, I was feeling homesick for the first time in France. I was not homesick when I arrived, not even when I was struggling to settle down. But when I felt that I was lacking a network, I would've done anything for a day back home with my closest friends. I felt like the days just went by without meaning, and that I didn't have anyone I could call if I needed someone to talk to or to keep me with company after a tough day.

However, after confronting myself with all these feelings, and before I tell you about the turning point, I realised something very important. I don't miss Norway at all, but I miss my friends. I miss my family. And it means the whole world to me to know that they're still ready to stand by my side, even if we're not sharing the same country code at the moment. And it gives me strength to know that I have people in my life that I would do anything for. Because that's what's important. I know, I'm living my dream, but dreams are not given to you for free. You have to sacrifice something. In my case, I had to start rebuilding my everyday life, but luckily not from scratch. I've been scared, but what's kept me going is my old friends and family. I guess what I've learned the last weeks are that nomatter where I am, it's my friends who make my world.

And so to the turning point! First of all, I now know who I can call friends down here, who I can have fun with, but also who I can trust and who I can turn to if I need support. You know who you are - thank you for making my days! And secondly, I finally met my neighbours!! After living in my studio for one and a half month, I've hardly seen anyone in the starecases. But this weekend when I got home Friday night, there was a party, and I was invited in! THAT's my turning point, and my first step to integration^^

So I guess the point I am trying to make goes like this; you don't have to take the same path as your friends, as long as the paths cross eachother! And since I'm in France, I allow myself to add a tiny clich; with close friends in your heart, you'll never be walking alone;)

That's all from my corner - have a good week!

bientt xx

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16.11.2011 kl.12:19

S bra du har ftt deg noen gode venner Jeanette! Nr man er alene i et nytt land, kan jeg tenke meg at gode venner er ekstra viktig!

Vit at vi tenker p deg her hjemme ogs, og er det noe s m du ikke nle med ta kontakt vet du! Jeg savner chai-latte-dates forresten!;) Har de det nede i Frankrike?!

Hper du har det fint videre!


16.11.2011 kl.19:30

Hei Kathrine!

Ja man blir ekstra oppmerksom p hvor viktig det er med gode venner - derfor gleder jeg med enormt til se dere i jula!:D Kommer jo rett hjem til julebord, s det blir knall^^

Og nr du sier det; det er mye de har her i Frankrike, men IKKE Chai latte!:O Ikke som jeg har kommet over i hvert fall..savner det jeg ogs, spesielt nr den kombineres med pause med deg!:) M drikkes i Oslo i jula;)

Lykke til med lesing framover, og kos deg masse i London:D Klem


17.11.2011 kl.09:37

Vi gleder oss til se deg ogs! Og det er kjempekoselig at du kommer "rett til oss", nr du kommer hjem! Gleder meg veldig til julebordet!:D

Har de ikke chai latte alts? Drlige greier:P Kanskje vi fr til en kafetur, hadde vrt koselig!

Tusen takk! Lykke til med lesing og eksamner til deg ogs! klem:)


17.11.2011 kl.18:11

Ja det er jeg glad for ogs! Rett til en samlet gjeng!:D Ja hadde vrt koselig f til en kaftur p SV p nyret:) N ble jeg jammen litt nostalgisk, hehe^^

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