Moving on

These past two weeks has been full of emotions, and I've felt trapped between feelings of incomprehensibility and anger. Sorrow and compassion. Confusion and maybe most of all solidarity. As you all know, Norway has for the first time since the war been the victim of a terrorist attack. Oslo was on the 22.07.11 in shock seeing it's own government building blown up by a bomb. "Unbelievable" was my first thought. I was just arriving home after work when I got the news, and I was sure it was not an accident. How could it be? But sadly, this was just the beginning of what will forever be remembered as the day one blonde norwegian right-wing extremist, brough up in the rich part of town, carried out a massacre. His victims - bright, young politicians who were camping on an island close to Oslo for the labour party's youth organisation's annual meeting. They believed in solidarity, equality and multiculturalism. The terrorist (I wont bother writing his name..) was determent to fight against multiculturalism, and perticularly islamisation of Europe, by using the worst type of violence.

After the horrible killings of 77 people, I am just so happy to see that the outcome of these actions has been the total opposite of what they were wanted to be by the terrorist himself. The actions was inspired by intollerance and hate - the rest of the Norwegian citizens responded with love. Love for eachother, love for the ones affected and love for our nation. This was particularly evident when 200 000 people in Oslo gathered downtown, holding up roses, making an ocean of compassion. Never before have I felt more as part of a unity. And I have never been more proud of my country. As I read in the newspaper today, when people were asked what they like the most about Norway, one person's response was;

"The fact that after a terrorist attac, people buy flowers, not weapons"

Naive, some might say. However, I think this is something unique and symbolic. It's a way of showing ourselves, evil forces and the world that bad wont outsourse good. Not if the rest of us stick together. I want to give my full gratitude to Jens Stoltenberg, for excelent leadership and courage, but also for being such a warm person. It will be remembered.

Everyone in Norway, and also foreigners, has been affected. I'm just so extremely greatful for not having lost anyone I know, for not having suffered more. After what happened, I've been more aware of how nothing can be taken for granted. We're all so fragile. All the people that brightens my life, all the people I love suddenly become even more appreaciated. I feel lucky. I have so many people in my life that makes a difference to me, people that makes me a better person, people that makes me whole. After 22.07.11 I love them even more.

My deepest compassion goes to those suffering after the loss of their loved ones. But let me quote the young leader of AUF (Labour Youth Assosiation) ;

"He took away some of our greatest roses, but he can never prevent the spring"

Take care xx

Here are some pictures of the amount of flowers, cards and candles that were put down outside the main church in Oslo, and arround the city.

Parliament building

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11.08.2011 kl.11:44

Nydelig skrevet jeanette, er virkelig en tid for ettertanke og omtanke

Glad i deg! Klem sss


11.08.2011 kl.23:31

Ja det har du rett i..:) Glad i deg ogs, gleder meg til se deg igjen!! Skravlinga m gjentas over ei flaske vin^^

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