Sweet vacation

I have to admit that I've not priotitized writing my blog lately, cause there has just been so much going on. And maybe I've been a bit uninspired in the middle of exam stress and unsertanty about my future. But after two weeks of travelling, I really need to share some of my great experiences. But first I have to say that I love this time of year. The summer season makes me feel more appreaciative. Appreaciative of the smells, the green grass (even though I'm allergic..), sun-bleached hair and the fact that the sun only sets for 4 hours. Yes, I love this time of year! But as we all know (or at least will know from now on), the Norwegian summer can be very unpredictable. Although it has been surprisingly warm for a period, I was very happy to travel a bit further south, as a good start of my holidays. More precicly, to Barcelona!!

I seems like everyone has something to say about this exciting city that never sleeps. And I understand why. I went travelling with Daniel, a good friend of mine, and his boyfriend Jan. We were indeed such a good team! Even though we had some days with rain, we were never bored. I love you guys! And as I stayed at Kabul Hostel alone, I got to meet heaps of fun people. And sharing room with 9 guys went surprisingly well.. Also, I think I did my share of partying for a while - the consept of the hostel was to go to a new nightclub every night at 2am..! I managed to say no once, but then I realised that I was ok with 4 hours sleep per night. You only live once, right!? Apart from a cracy nightlife, the city itself was full of charming streets and hidden alleys, and it was a joy to walk around. The only ennoying thing; doesn't spanish people learn English at school? .. Daniel, your effort to speak spanish was highly appreaciated, and entertaining!

After a week of beachlife and city sightsing, it was time to move on to FRANCE. I got on a train that took me to Bezirs, in the South. I fianlly got to see my dear friend Alex again!!! I missed him a lot! Experiencing a heat that is very uncommon for me, we had a relaxing time, enjoying his country side home and eating loads of great french food. I felt like I had steped right into a french clich, with cheese, baguettes, a stonefloored citchen, outdoor meals in the yard and this beautiful french mum. In other words, I had a great time. After staying for three days, the perfect place to end my journey had to be Paris. I got to see my Aussie-mates from Down Under, and we got to catch up again. And this time, I realised that I didn't feel like a tourist at all. Yeej! One day I will have a Parisian address..

However, something that really bothered me during the trip was that I was not able to check my mail, and I was expecting to recieve an answer about what I will do next year.. It was quite stressful. So when I arrived back in Oslo on Tuesday, I was shaking of happiness when I realiced that I'm accepted for french studies in Montpellier!!! I feel so lucky, and I know this is an opportunity that I wont regret that I reached out for. I can't wait!! I'm moving in the end of August, leaving the student village in Oslo, probably for good. It feels a bit strange, but in another way I'm ready to change my life again. I am ready for France!!

The location of Kabul Hostel :)

Visiting the aquarium on a rainy day

Daniel and Jan

The famous Segrada Church that has been under construction for ages..

The house of the famous arcitect, Gaudi. Looks like in a fairytale!

Drinking mojitos on the beach

La Playa!




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