Weekday Wonders

Now it's for sure about time to write some words about what's been going on lately. Cause the days just pass by so quickly, and I realize that soon it's summer!! The semester is almost finished, but I still have some work to do. Actually, I only have my french exam left:D But these last weeks I've been an early bird at the library, trying (with more or less success) to be efficient. Because it has been hard to sit in the library when summer took Oslo by surprise in mid-April. The air was warm, and the sun was out, people eating ice creem and doing barbieque's at campus, having breakes every hour.. Life's not too bad, even during the exam period! Especially not when I got to meet Kevin Rudd, the former prime minister of Australia, on an ordinary Thursday when he having a lecture about the growing importance of Asia and Norway and Australias role in the new power divide. I even got a picture with him, and managed to exchange some words. I don't think I ever felt so unimportant!:P

In the middle of all this, it was again time to celebrate Norway's National Day on the 17th of May (Hurray!). But this year, I was lucky not to have an exam two days after! I therefore had plenty of time and energy to just hang out with good friends and enjoy a day off. But I've never felt more like a house wife, waking up at 6am to finish a cake..(I was too excited to sleep!) Anyway, it was as usual full of people down town, everyone were happy and smiling and waving to the king. And when I saw a girl in a "bunad", our traditional costume, and a hijab, it made me so happy! I'll put up some pictures:)

And what else is going on.. Well, I'm still waiting in pure excitement about my reply from Science Po Paris. They already sent me two e-mails to confirm that my application was complete and that it was to be taken a decision SOON. Both times my heart skipped a beat, and now I'm of course checking my e-mailes ALL the time. Becaue SOON doesn't really say anything, does it? Well, I'll just have to wait. And also, I'll SOOn hear from the University in Montpellier. My patience is facing a challenge, that's for sure..

In the meantime, I'll just enjoy myself as much as possible, and thanks to my wonderful friend ANETA, that's not a problem. Thank you so much for all those hours chatting, dancing, laughing and studying together. You are amazing! Even though you're not blessed with facebook these days (...) I hope you read this;) Love you babe!

Also, today I finally spoke with my best friend Mitra on skype. Miss you so much, and it was awesome to finally catch up. See you in Oslo soooon!!<3

17th of May breakfast down town with the gang!:)

Me and my favourite british guy, James^^

Cute kids..

Karl Johans gate, the main street

Crazy lady singing about Jesus

Waiting for the king


My cheesecake^^

Very true!!

Mr Kevin Rudd :D

Well, here I'm managing to utter some words about studying in Brisbane last year.. At least he looks interested:P

Smile Kevin!


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