Change of season

This winter has been so long that I had almost lost faith in a new spring arriving. But now it seems like the waiting time is over. Finally!! I feel like I just woke up from a long, uncomfortable dream, just to find the wonder of spring outside my window. Now everything looks so much brighter. I figured long time ago that my mood is quite dependent on the weather. And the thought of soon being able to leave home with sandals on my feet makes me so happy!

During these 6 months of winter, I guess people have been somewhere else than in the city centre of Oslo. Because when I went there last weekend, they had suddenly all returned! I'm sure all 500 000 inhabitants of Oslo where thinking the same - to enjoy an ice cream near the harbour. Oslo feels actually like a capital now - good! And this season reminds me that I actually like living in this city (Not that it changes my dream to leave for France). I love the fact that a 5 minute ferry ride can take me to an Island in the Oslo fjord, or that the lake and the forest is a 20 minute walk away. I would love to be more outdoor these days, but unfortunately now is the time to concentrate on my exams.. At least part time.

But also, I have a french language test soon!!! If I pass it (fingers crossed!!) I'll be the happiest person on earth, because then I can go to the South of France to study french for a whole year. And finally speak french, joho!! God how much I want to do that. Of course, that will mean that I have to leave great friends in Norway. Also great friends that I got this semester, and that I never thought I would be so attached to. But this time it wont be to the ather side of the world.. Or who knows!?

Anyway, here are some pictures taken with a friend of mine that is interested in photography. They're taken near a lake close to my place. As you can see, the water is still icy! In other words, it can be 18 degrees, but winter haven't quite let go..yet!

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26.04.2011 kl.23:59

S fine bilder av deg, Jeanette!

Vi fr krysse fingrene for at du bestr fransk-testen, snn drmmen din gr i oppfyllelse!:-) s kommer vi besker deg i Frankrike vettu!


27.04.2011 kl.10:26

Tusen takk kathrine!:)

Ja det fr vi virkelig hpe.. har selvflgelig lyst p besk!!:D:D Hper vi fortsatt ses p festen p lrdag? Men frst; lykke til med eksamen p fredag - jeg krysser fingrene for deg^^


27.04.2011 kl.19:43

Det gjr vi vettu! Kommer nok til bli litt sliten etter en helg med eksamen og jobb, men skal klare komme en tur, m jo det:D

Tusen takk, gleder meg til bli ferdig med den!

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