With the sun shining through my window

With the sun shining through my window and a clear blue sky outside, my mood rises even though the temperature is still down to -10 degrees. It still is a wonderful feeling to wake up to a shiny room and the sun in your face. A real happiness boost! Sometimes I wish I could take the time more often to appreaciate the small things in life that makes me feel good. Like the sun shining in my face. I have a tendensy to be focused on the next thing that is going to happen, something which prevents me from living right now, in the present. That's quite stupid, I know! For example, on a monday I like to have an outlook of the week ahead, and I have to admit that it makes me feel relaxed to know that something will be happening every day. In other words, boreness is what I dread the most. I'm sure I'm not the only one that remember their parents saying to them as a kid "It's healthy to be bored once in a while!" I still remember how much I disagreed. How could it be true?? Now, ten years later, I can see the point; because when do we really have time to take a break from our busy lives and just BE in the moment? Speaking for myself, that doesn't happen too often. Unfortunately.

Conclusion; I have to be better at doing nothing. So I could as well start today, right? Yep, I think Sunday is a good day for that kind of business. To do nothing. I have to start at once, cause I am going to work at 3pm. So looking at the sun, my thoughts is at the blue sky, as I'm trying hard to just be in the moment..

The sky is really blue. Soon it will be summer! At least spring. And I will be able to buy new sandals and feel the grass tickling between my toes, as I try to find the right spot for a place in the sun. And I'll be able to make a barbeque on an island in the Oslo fjord, maybe it wont even rain that day! Oh, and I have to find out what I'm doing this summer. Maybe am I going to France for language courses? I hope so. I will be done with my bachelor by then, wow, that's cool actually! Oh, when thinking of my bachelor, I have to start writing my thesis soon. About the EU and the accession prosess of Turkey...

Well.. I guess I need some practice. Now I have to go to work, a place where I definitely should be doing something. Enough of doing nothing for now!!

Have a great week!

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