Time management - I'm working on it!

Today was not like other Sundays. Almost, but not exactly. You see, as I'm used to go to work on Syndays, I put my alarm clock at 6.45am, as I normally do in order to avoid a stressful morning. But actually I didn't. I woke up 30 min after my phone was supposed to wake me up, and for the first time in my life I spent 10min from the moment I opened my eyes until I was waiting for the subway. Having almost no time to put on socks, I ran out of the door without contact lenses, seeing everything in a foggy frame. No need to say that I was happy it was Sunday morning, and that the possibility of meeting someone I knew was like zero. (And if I did, they would've been half drunk anyway.)

It is also worth mentioning that I had to wait 20min for the next subwayline passing, which made me realize (after 5 min running) that it was -15 degrees and bloody cold!!! I guess I should have checked the thermometre.. After going off the subway, I started on the 20min walk uphill to my work place, something which made me lose the feelings in my thighs and realise that I really should listen to my grand father. After all, he's right; "You can't dress to impress in this country". Anyway, I made it to work with only 10min delay, but oh my God what a morning. And the pensioners at work told me, that as a woman (..) I should know better. Ha! Ok I got it, put on whool tights next time. At least my thighs didn't stay red the whole day.

Anyway, this is for me a reminder of how TIME often seems to be insufficient. It so often seems to be so much to do, and so little time. But all in all, it is all about prioritizing, right? So, being a bit inspired by the tv show "This I have to do before I die", I desided to write down some of the things that I HAVE to do before I die;

1. Travel to all the continents

2. Learn how to make croissants

3. Spend a whole day in bed

4. Make a photo exhibition

5. Spend way too much money on the perfect shoes.

6. Dance in the rain

7. Propose to someone

8. Write a love letter (and post it!)

9. Sleep under an open sky (somewhere warm!)

I hope you had a restful Sunday, and that you'll have a good TIME next week. And don't waste your TIME, tomorrow might be too late;)

I'm adding some pictures that I like, some of them taken by my favourite photographers, Robert Doisneau, Willy Ronis and Bert Hardy. Enjoy!


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