Hello spring??

At this time every year, I get the feeling that winter has just lasted for half an eternity. All I want is to wake up and find a non-slippery sidewalk and dripping roofs. Except last year, almost exactually one year ago, when I knew that I was escaping the winter in Australia. God that felt good! However, this year I have to endure the whole winter, and take what it brings along.

It might not be a secret that these last years I haven't felt like a true Norwegian. By that I mean that I don't get an urge to jump into my cross country skis early in November, or that I want to spend Easter in a cabin with no electricity or flushing toilets. But this winter I thought "Ok, let's give it a shot!" And I went skiing. Twice! And then it all became clear - it really isn't my cup of tea. And about the ice that HAS to decorate the streets..I fell so bad!! My knee looks like it has been to war. Only good thing was that noone was watching..(I think)

So at the moment, my skis are safe in my cupboard, and I am officially in spring mode. I know it's only February, and that winter most likely wont let go before April, but still! So now I just hope that I will keep myself busy at uni and maybe with some travelling, so that time will fly! And I don't think it will be a problem, cause this is most likely my final semester in Oslo, so plenty of things to do. I have a degree to finish! In 4 months I have a bachelor in my pocket and then I'm open for new adventures again - outside Norway.

But in the meantime, there are actually some things that can be enjoyed during winter;

- Parties with friends!!

- Indoor gym, thank God!

- Sitting in a caf, watching people trying to keep their balance outdoors. Haha

- French practice with Youna and Jeanne:D

- The feeling that it's early in the semester, which means that examsare stillfaaar away^^

So I think I'll manage to get through yet another winter. Cause it's only a matter of time before the snow has to give spring the chance to florish. HA!

Some pictures from January;

Country presentation about Norway with ESN

Out with work!

Well..me and my good friend Stian in a party^^

And look what I found in my backpack!! A note from one of my seminars in Australia!!!

And something wonderful happend - I got Timtams!!! My absolute favourite snack from Australia! A friend of mine returned from Sydney with pure pleasure wrapped up, and I am determent to keep at least some of them until June. (Good luck Jeanette)

Yes I did it - and the bonfire is real!;)

Wish you all a warm February!! xx

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01.02.2011 kl.00:01

I completely approve of this blog!!! And I agree with you about winter. It's been winter for too long already and we have only just finished January. :( But keep up the good work!


01.02.2011 kl.20:25

Det er bra det finnes fine inneaktiviteter ;) hehe

Ses imorgen til quiz! :D


01.02.2011 kl.21:05

Neal!:D So great to hear that you like my blog - stay tuned!! I guess it's pretty white where you are too, so we just have to deal with it. I'm sure you miss Australia as much as I do!! Hope everything is going well in the US and A, miss you! Start writing a blog maybe? xx

Hehe Stian, ja takk og pris for det:P (Neida, vi er da sporty??;) Ses i morgen ja!:)

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