Paris - je t'aime

Now it's clear, once and for all. I want to move to Paris. I spent four days there last week, in this city that has conquored my heart. I booked my flight some months ago, and now I finally got to see my french friends whom I met in Brisbane. I had been looking forward to seeing them for such a long time. After all, we started a new life together 6 months ago. And I have kind of been feeling that our experience together has been fading because of the distance between us. I have felt a bit isolated up here in Norway, and the fact that we all have our separate lives, makes our exchange seem almost like a dream. But instantly, when I once again met Solene, my great friend that offered to house me for those days, I felt like we had never parted. Everything was the same, except that Brisbane's skyscrapers were replaced by a Parisian sense of romantism. I was so happy to see her and the others, all togehter 7 of my Brissie-friends. We had so much fun once again, doing what we usually did together - partying, having dinner and most importantly - having FUN!

In addition to meeting old friends, what made my weekend so awesome was that I felt so welcome living with Solene and her two flatmates - Jean Baptiste and Laurent - thank you so much guys, you both rock! They, too, made me want to stay longer. And as I said, now I'm no longer in doubt, not even the slightest, about moving to Paris. In one way or another, I'll make it. I have to! It was so strange, but I felt so home there, and I just want to get more time to fully appreaciate the Parisian life, with all it's cafs, streetlife, culture and food.

I might be Norwegian, but my heart belongs to Paris.

Sorry for the clich, but it's true. I do like Norway aswell, but I figured, only in small doses;) I went cross-country skiing here the other day, which I haven't done in years. And I tell you - I've never felt so Norwegian! But also, it was as I pretended to be someone that I'm not. It's not fully me - I'm not borned with skis on my legs. Yes, it's nice, but yes; I can live without it. I guess that summes it up for now. Until next time I return to Paris, here are some pictures I took of the city during winter. Hope you'll like them!

Solne - drinking her morning tea


Ice-scating up in Tour Eiffel!

Alex and me:D



Old love never fades

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